Reunion  Special








ISSUE No 9                                  AAFCE  NEWSLETTER                                 SEPTEMBER 1999




It is all systems go for the reunion.  64, including the ladies are expected to attend.  The dining room will be laid out with 7 round tables each seating a maximum of 10 people.  The provisional settings are given on page 4 of this letter.  The list will be posted up at the hotel on the day.    The dinner menu is shown on page 5.  Orders will be taken at reception at 4.00 pm so that the kitchen can prepare the dishes ready to serve at 7.00 pm


A group photo will be taken before the dinner while hopefully we are still in good shape.


Dress:  lounge suit or casual.


Mike Capon has obtained some copies of RAF journals plus a couple of old AIRCENT NEWS to distribute at the reunion.


During the afternoon it is hoped to show 2 short videos obtained from NATO Headquarters.




As this is being written our AAFCE ties are in production.  Unfortunately our order for 60 ties will be executed in 2 batches of 30.  It is hoped that sufficient will be available to distribute before the reunion.  Thanks are due to Alan Smith and Dick Rogers for all their efforts in arranging everything.


Bob Drewett recently sent me 2 old receipts for AAFCE blazer badges so it is apparent that these were available from some outfitters.  Some of you have asked if badges are available so our tie manufacturer will be sounded out for these.


DO YOU REMEMBER? . . . . .


Being given green and red guide books when you first arrived at Camp Guynemer?  They were probably introduced in the mid 50s ~ none of the “Early birds” can remember it.  If anyone has these books I would love to borrow them to copy for inclusion in a future newsletter.




Max Avey of the Public Information Office 1963 – 65 answered the reunion notice on Teletext.  Max will be attending the reunion.


Graham Cox is yet another member of the Communications Dept serving during 1952 – 54 and will attend the reunion.  Graham has been in touch with Les Massey with whom he worked at Fontainebleau


Frank Raw who took over from David Allan as i/c Administration now resides in Lincoln.


Arthur Mooney, a native of Scotland, worked at La Madeleine 1960 – 63.  Unfortunately Arthur will be in New Zealand in October and will miss the reunion. 


Ron Sperring from Leigh-on-Sea served in the Equipment Section from Jan 63 until Jul 65


Tony Almond, now living in Lincolnshire, arrived at AAFCE in May 63 as a Medic and later re-mustered to the MT Section.  Tony and his wife Jennifer will be with us on 9 October.


Tom Lyden, Royal Signals 59 – 61 showed interest when he saw the notice on Teletext but has said that he will attend future reunions if we can find more of his Army colleagues.


Ralph Foster, one of the “Early Birds” who served in the Intelligence Directorate 52 – 54 is not able to make this year’s reunion.


Harry Roberts, Joe Healy and Keith Vining were traced and sent a “Starter Kit” but have yet to respond.


The Daily Mail runs a Missing and Found column in its Saturday editions where it publishes one appeal and one success story from the files of Gill Whitley,  88 Tan-yr-efail,  Holyhead,  Anglesey,  LL65  2SD,  or  send an Email to  Include a contact telephone number.  Why not have a go at tracing a specific colleague?




After 40 years David and Dorothy Allan were treated to a 4 day return trip to Fontainebleau by their daughter, Pam.  They stayed in a hotel in Barbizon.  Firstly they visited Bert Moylan’s grave before returning to their old home in Blvd Marchal Joffre.  Then at the old Sergeants’ Mess in the Hotel Victoria they were well received by the owner who has since sent a dozen brochures for anyone interested in returning to Fontainebleau.  At Pam’s old school they ran into a teacher who it transpired was a classmate of Pam’s back in the 50s.


They were denied entry to Camp Guynemer which is now a military college.  On the last day they called at their first home in Samois.  The occupant was none other than the daughter of Simone their landlady back in the 50s.  She remembered the Allan family and there was a tearful reunion.  A truly wonderful and worthwhile trip!  ~  Is there another interesting story out there for inclusion in a future edition ?  If so please let me know.





Thanks to all those who made a voluntary contribution toward admin costs.  A total of £151.90 has been donated since last October and expenditure for the year is running at around the £90 mark.  This means that there should be no further calls on the members for a while.  If anyone intended to make a contribution (maximum £5) and has not done so then they may now do so if they wish.




Does anyone remember sending me a photo of George Johnson sitting on a wall?  If the member who sent this will let me know I shall return it to him.


I look forward to seeing you all on 9 October at Leamington Spa




























                   A                                    B                                    C


Mr & Mrs R Packman             Mr & Mrs T Clamp                   Mr & Mrs L Massey

Mr & Mrs J Higgs                    Mr & Mrs K Adams                 Mr & Mrs G Cox

Mr & Mrs G Thorne                 Mr & Mrs T Bryant                  Mr & Mrs J R Aylward

Mr & Mrs C R Rogers              Mr & Mrs D Allan                    Mr & Mrs D Dolton    

Mr M Watt                              Mr & Mrs H Cozens                Mr P Prentice



                   D                                    E                                    F

Mr & Mrs W R Rudman                      Mr & Mrs A  Lake                    Mr & Mrs J Hanlon                 Mr & Mrs E Caton                          Mr & Mrs M Capon                 Mr & Mrs A Hare

Mr & Mrs L Goddard                            Mr G Callaghan                                  Mr A Smith

Mr & Mrs D M Rogerson                    Mr R Harris & Betty                Mr & Mrs A Almond   

                                                                        Mr & Mrs J Fitzgerald             Mr W Garland

                                                                                                                        Mr L Page

                                                                                                                        Mr M Avey



Mr & Mrs D Bennett

Mr & Mrs J Hookway

Mr & Mrs R Jago

Mr & Mrs R Drewett

Mr D Crook



A copy of this plan will be displayed at the hotel.  There are no specific seat placings at each table.  

We must assemble at 6.45 pm prompt in the dining area for a group photo.  Dinner  will be served at 7.00 pm

A reminder to any of you have special dietary needs ~ please inform the hotel in advance.





Soup of the Day

Caesar Salad

Florida Cocktail


* * * * * *

Main Course

Chicken Albert (1)

Strips of Chicken served on a bed of tagliatelle with a basil and tomato sauce

Poached Cod

With a lemon and butter sauce

Roast Lamb

With a homemade minted gravy sauce



* * * * * *



Dime Bar Cake

Treacle Sponge Pudding

Ice Cream


* * * * * *