MARCH 1999

   Number 7





Arrangements for the Second reunion have been finalised with the Courtyard Hotel, Leamington Spa on Saturday 9 October 99. 


Details of accommodation are as follows:-


Room for Sat 9 Oct based on 2 people sharing ~ £44.00 per person includes dinner bed and breakfast     (Single supplement £15.00)


Additional nights ~ bed and breakfast only £29.00 per person per night


Tea or coffee and biscuits can be served on Saturday afternoon for those requiring it at £1.00 per person.


All prices include VAT and service


For dinner we shall select from a menu which will be available on Saturday afternoon and orders will be taken by 4 p.m. to enable the kitchen to prepare and serve the meal at 7 p.m. prompt (or any other time we may collectively decide)   Please let the hotel know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.


Other hotels in the area were approached and the costings were all similar.  The Courtyard looked after us well last year and it is in a quiet location away from the town centre. Therefore it was considered to return there for this year’s reunion.  We hope that you will all make a big effort to attend this year to build on the success of last year.


Reservations will be taken on a first come first served basis ~ we have not made a block booking as this involves cancellation charges and other penalties if we fail to reach a minimum number of attendees.  Therefore please reserve your accommodation direct with the hotel Tel. 01926  425522 as soon as possible and mention that you are in the Fontainebleau Party.  This will enable both the hotel and me to keep tabs on the status.  There is enclosed a supply of brochures for each of you to retain one if you are attending.

It has been suggested that we wear name tags for easy identification and that we assemble for a group photo after the dinner.  Has anyone other suggestions to enhance the weekend’s activities?




I heard from Bernard Spencer’s son last week.  Bernard has relocated to another nursing home and is making a splendid recovery from his stroke and was asking for news.  The latest newsletters have been launched off.  He thinks he may be able to make the reunion.


Beryl Hepple was hospitalised earlier this year and is now recovering from the treatment


George Millington is hopefully on the mend after recent medical treatment


Ted Caton was admitted to hospital in February with suspected angina and after a few days was released. Ted has to take it easy.  Maybe the better weather will buck him up.  I am sure a few more sales of his book will accelerate his recovery!!!!   


Bill Rudman did not make a good start to his retirement ~ both he and Anne had flu’ which lingered well into 1999




1999 got off to a brilliant start.  After John Hookway ran into Roger Jago in Plymouth three more have been added to our list.


First I tracked down Bert Ellis (Sgt MT Section 1953 – 1958) who is now living in Capetown.  Bert is feeling the ravages of maturity and is not hopeful of making the reunion.  Thanks to Bomber Harris for giving me Bert’s address.


Brian Gibbons (Synthex Dept 1958 – 60) put an appeal on Channel 4’s teletext.  Brian was looking for specific chums who served with him at Fontainebleau.  Hilton Cozens ( Public Relations 1959 – 60) contacted Brian.  Both have contributed to the Fontainebleau photo collection and hope to be with us in October.  Thanks lads!


I have asked the KGV Fund for Sailors to search their Vetlink database for some names from Fontainebleau days.  One of these weekends I shall look at the British Legion page on the Internet.  Other websites I have visited have proved fruitless.


Once again could I ask you please to pass the newsletters on quickly?  I have to limit the circulation to 5 or 6 people so that those at the tail end of the list do not have to wait too long.  I am still waiting after 5 weeks for some newsletters No 6 to complete their circuit so that I may send them to those not on round 1.  As the photographs were expensive to copy there were a limited number to circulate last time.  The system is only as good as you make it.