AAFCE%20Flags%201951%20with%20greenNEWSLETTER No 5    OCTOBER 1998

Our first reunion at Leamington Spa was a resounding success with 29 attendees who enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

The only regret is that time flown so quickly. The period from the early days in 1951 when AAFCE was established at Fontainebleau through to the early 60s was spanned.

It gave me a thrill to see everyone enjoying themselves.


Many photos were taken and if copies are sent to me I shall try to include a selection in the next Newsletter

The facilities provided by the hotel were so good that it is proposed to hold another reunion at the same hotel at the same time next year.

Leamington Spa has the advantage of a central location with good road and rail access.

You may wish to express another view and the enclosed questionnaire gives you that opportunity.  Your views will be considered very carefully before any arrangements are made.

It is with great sadness that I have to write of the sudden loss last month of Wing Cdr RGM Walker (our CO 1953–55) from a heart attack.

We had corresponded frequently over the last year and he was so looking forward to being with us at Leamington Spa.

Stan Fenney is recovering after surgery and is making a good recovery.  We all wish Stan a speedy recovery to full health.

Dick Rogers was whipped into hospital with a suspected heart attack but after extensive tests was diagnosed as having angina.

None of this prevented him being with us at Leamington  and as usual he was the life and soul of the party – he hasn’t changed !!!

Bernard Spencer spent some time in hospital earlier this year after a stroke and is now in a nursing home in Yorkshire.

Two suggestions came out of our get together at Leamington.  We briefly discussed to possibility of establishing a formal Association with elected officers and annual subs.

There was no real support for this as things seem to be working well as they are.  It remains open of course to raise the question at some future date.

However it was acknowledged that a small contribution to cover the cost of postage, phone calls, printing and advertising etc would be appropriate but this should be on a purely voluntary basis and should be no more that £5 per family. A record of contributions will be kept.

Alan Smith came up with the idea of commissioning an AAFCE tie and is exploring the use of the flags (per the head of this Newsletter) without infringing copyright laws.

Alan is also in touch with manufacturers.  When some firm costings are available the membership will be sounded out top see if there is sufficient support to go forward.

Included with this Newsletter is a list of all those traced to date with a few personal details.

I think it would be useful to compile a directory to which reference can be made when new inmates are found. I some cases I have guestimated some of the particulars.

Would you each check your entry and confirm it is correct – if not amend it and return the list to me with reunion questionnaire.

When finalised, anyone who wants a copy will be sent one.


That is all for now folks.