Editorial (Newsletter No. 30)

Here we are with Midsummer’s Day fast approaching. It has been a busy winter in the Veterans’ Orderly Room. Due mainly to the efforts of Dave Bennett another 9 Veterans were tracked down, 6 of whom have replied and signed up. Details are given later in this newsletter. The September coach trip to Paris was cancelled due to lack of support. We hope to make another pilgrimage to Fontainebleau in September 2005 and this will be developed at the Annual Meeting at Warwick in October. The numbers for the Annual UK Reunion and Dinner are holding up well. There are still some spare places.


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Mike Capon purchased a Corgi Model of the Gendarmerie Land Rover (pictured here). This will be presented to the Commandant of the Gendarmerie Training School at the Chateaux on our next visit to Fontainebleau.

From the Postbag

David Rogerson & Peter Taylor


Here is a quick snap of Peter Taylor receiving a surprise visit from me whilst he was on holiday in Albufera, Portugal recently. Peter was stunned but in his indomitable Police trained way took it all in his stride. Both Daisy and his wife Ellie became good friends and whilst Peter and me swung the lamp over old times the ladies retired to their own little world as most wives do when the AAFCE vets get together.


My husband was in Fontainebleau, early fifties. GEORGE (HENRY) FARMER from Co. Cork. Sadly he died 22 December 2003. p.s. There is no need to reply. He was a lovely man.

Glad Farmer ~ (Romford, Essex)


To let you know I am not only doing the RMP Cyprus Vets Newsletter (135 members)... I am now one month into a new venture, RMP Malaya Vets (26 members). We have one ex-RAF Police member who was there in 1946 - a guy name Frank Loweth from Heanor, Derbyshire.

If you have any RAF Policemen on your books who spent some time in Malaya they can come and join us if they wish...
Tony Bowdler ~ (Droitwich)


When the Duke came to Fontainebleau and it was decided that a reception would be held in the Chateau grounds. Prior to the visit orders went out for a number of bods to be "in attendance" to carry out any necessary duties

It befell upon me to be in charge of one of the "drinky poo" tents. So on the appointed day we all assembled and got to work to organise the drinks, seating, glasses, champers etc., The Duke duly arrived and did the rounds with a "thank you" at the end of his visit to our tent and promptly left to go somewhere else. We were left with the task of serving all manner of drinks to all manner of visitors who chose to come in. Eventually the crowds dispersed leaving us poor "unfortunates" to clear up the mess and leave everything nice and tidy. All chairs and tables to be stacked in an orderly fashion, all rubbish to be collected and "bagged". Then there was the question of the collection of all the dirty glasses and the empty, half empty and full bottles of drinks that were lying about. Eventually after a few sips amongst us all we managed to gather all the bottles together and into the boxes provided. Then up pipes one little gentleman "Hey Sarge what do we do with all the drinks that are left in the glasses ? A snap decision was made whereupon two bods did the rounds of the glasses with a galvanised bath that had been supplied earlier in the day together with ice to keep the drinks cold. Then another question "What do we do with all this what’s in the bath". Oh dear, but suddenly an answer was produced -tip it in the lake. Off to the lake with the bath and into the lake goes the contents. Nobody around after about half an hour could understand why those beautiful fish that swam in the lake were all lying upside down in the lake doing nothing not even flapping their gills. But somewhere there was a rotten Sergeant who decided where to put the "dregs" from the glasses. I wonder who that was?
Dickie Rogers ~ (Gloucester)


I was very interested in your "Old Comrades" Section in Yours Magazine dated March 2004, looking for RAF personnel who served in Fontainebleau during 1950's- 6O's. My husband Medwyn Parry served with the RAF Police in Fontainebleau from about 1959 to 1961. I have photographs of him with the RAF football team as he was a keen sportsman and played football" rugby, cricket etc.

He always spoke with affection of all his mates in the camp and of course of some of the exploits they got up to in Montmatre and Paris, which is where they spent time off. So much time has elapsed since then and it would be wonderful if any of his old mates remembered him. Med died in 1978 of a heart attack at the young age of 39 leaving me and three young children.

I know that if Med had been alive he would have been extremely interested in any reunion connected with Fontainebleau. He always spoke of the friends he had there with a great deal of affection and as he telephoned me occasionally from France, then it has a special place in my memory also.

I do hope someone remembers him as I have not re-married and it would bring him closer if someone could recall him.
Jennifer Parry ~ (Wrexham, North Wales)

Come on lads ~ if you remember Medwyn give Jennifer a call on 01978 846496 or e-mail her on


A clever clogs in the Post Office determined that this Newsletter weighed six pence more than the first class stamp used to send it to me. I am mentioning this to cover my inordinate delay in forwarding it on because I was required to attend a Main Post Office Mail Collecting Dept (open mornings only) with the excess postage and obligatory £1 handling fee before I could enjoy the Newsletter contents, and, yes, it was worth it.
However, it occurs to me, if I am not hopelessly out of date which is a distinct possibility with my approaching senility, that there is still a PRINTED PAPER RATE in our postal system, and that it may be prudent to so mark the envelope when forwarding Newsletters.
Les Dungey ~ (Faversham, Kent)
Thanks Les, I and other members have experienced the same problem with underpayment of postage on the Newsletters. Royal Mail no longer offer a Printer Paper Rate except for overseas sendings.

Members Snippets

Pete Prentice was admitted to hospital in May for a second operation on his knee.

David and Jean Keery called at Brookwood en route for a holiday in the Isle of Wight.

Our sympathy goes to
Mike Capon who lost his mother in May in her 93rd year.

Yours truly called on
Les and Jean Goddard recently and found them both in good health. Les is recovering well from his recent stroke.

John and Barbara Higgs celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary in September.

Dickie and Shirley Rogers have planned a trip to New Zealand in November.

Dubbed “The Bearded Wonder” by the late Brian Johnston,
Bill Frindall, the BBC's scorer and statistician, and longest-serving member of Radio's Test Match Special commentary team has agreed to join the Association but his details were not received before this Newsletter was put to bed.


Below is an article written by John Day published in the RAF Police Association (London & South East Branch) NOTE BOOK ~ Spring 2004

Fontainebleau Veterans Association by John Day

Six years ago an ex-SAC in the clerical department decided to try and contact some of the people who had served with him at Fontainebleau, in France, during the early to mid-fifties.

The result of this tentative enterprise is the fast growing "Fontainebleau Veterans Association" which now boasts over 100 members. Originally just for RAF personnel, the founder and President of the Association opened it to all allied forces who served at either of the two bases in the town, thus embracing our new colleagues of the ground-pounding brown type.

At our third reunion at Camp Guynemer last September we finally had the chance to show off our white berets, and were promptly trumped by the RMP. Being the only ones wearing any type of headgear, we attracted the cameras.

Apart from visiting old haunts and swapping exaggerated stories, the highlight of these reunions is a march up the Champs Elysees, this year led by the band of the French Air Force. This march takes place every year on September l5th to commemorate the Battle of Britain, and after the ceremony of rekindling the eternal flame under the Arc de Triomphe, the veterans were greeted personally by the various dignitaries led by the representative of the Royal Air Force, Air Vice Marshal Maddox.

This year the march was led by the RAFP and RMP members. The Association currently has some 15 ex-police members and is constantly looking for more. Over 250 RAFP served at Fontainebleau during the Camp's lifetime, so where are you all now?

Any Fontainebleau 'Vets' ' out there? Please send queries to 'The Note Book' Editor who will pass them on.


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Below is an extract from the programme of a tournament on 11 June 1953 sponsored by the AAFCE AMATEUR BOXING CLUB sent in by John Wright.

General Lauris Norstad, U.S.A.F.
Commander-in-Chief Allied Air Forces Central Europe

Chairman Officer in Charge of Boxing
Air Vice Marshal J.L. Plant Group Captain S.G. Walker
C.B.E., A.F.C., C.D., R.C.A.F. O.B.E., R.A.F.

Flight Lieutenant J.L.J. Fontaine, D.F.C., R.C.A.F.


Flight Lieutenant Go Barnett, R.A.F.
M/Sgt Jo Edenfield, U.S.A.F.
Monsieur Leclerc (Federation Francaise de Boxe)


Colonel H.W.Lindsey, U.S.A.F.
Wing Commander D.A. Upton O.B.E., R.A.F.
Captain W. Webb) D.C.M., Queens Royal Regiment
Monsieur Border (Federation Francaise Regiment de Boxe)

Squadron Leader EoJ. Grosz, R.C.A.F.

Squadron Leader G.E. Dimmer, R.A.F.

Warrant Officer John Willis, R.A.F.

Major Dugan, U.S.A.F. Medical Corps

T/Sgt Ro Holland, U.S.A.F.
A/2C Co Taylor, U.S.A.F.


Cash ballance at 30/09/04









Reunion wine sales



Reunion raffle



Merchandise sales



Total income









Postage & telephone



Printing stationery & copying



Reunion corkage



Reunion gratuity






Total expenditure






Cash balance at 31/03/04





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