NEWSLETTER  No 3                                                             JULY 1998




The support for our first reunion was excellent and following Dick Rogers' further meeting with the hotel we are going forward with the event on Saturday 10 Oct at the Courtyard Hotel, Leamington Spa.  The Rates are :


                   1 night - dinner bed and breakfast  Double £40 per person

                                                                   Single   £55 per person                                   

                   2 nights - dinner bed and breakfast Double  £40 per person

                                bed and breakfast only     Double  £25 per person


The hotel will allocate a room for the evening which will seat 30 comfortably for the evening meal.  If our final number exceeds this some large tables in the restaurant will be set up for our party.


Coffee or tea with biscuits will be served in mid afternoon of 10 Oct at an additional cost of £1.00 per person.


The hotel has been given a list of those attending with their individual requirements in accordance with your returns to me.  You must now confirm your booking with the hotel by phoning 01926 425522. If you use your credit card to guarantee the payment a cash deposit is not required.  A hotel brochure is enclosed to refresh your memory.  I would appreciate your letting me know when you have confirmed the booking - this helps us to keep track of events.


Below is a list of those who have "signed up"


          David and Dorothy Allan                John Ross and Marjorie Aylward

          Tony Billinge                                Eric Bruce

          Ted and Ann Caton                       Vic & Mrs Cornwell

          John and Mrs Fitzgerald                 Les Goddard                                        

          John and Barbara Higgs                 Roy Howard                               

          Alan Lake                                   Les Massey

          Peter Prentice                             Dick and Shirley Rogers

          Danny Rogerson                          Bill and Anne Rudman

          Alan Smith                                  George and Mrs Thorne

          Wing Cdr and Mrs R G M Walker     Morris Watt 


Many more were enthusiastic but the date clashed with other commitments.  Unfortunately a few of our number are not fit to travel.


The event was advertised in RAF News and on Channel 4's teletext and this netted 9 recruits plus 5 other names passed on by some of those who responded to the teletext notice.  In the next Newsletter I hope to include a full listing of the Fontainebleau Veterans I have so far located.





Publication of Ted Caton's book "An Erk's Eye View" met with delays but there is every expectation that it will be available in time for the reunion so if you haven't bought a copy before then bring your cheque book for a signed First Edition.   Excellent value at £7.50. 



Danny Rogerson