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ISSUE NO 23† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††AUGUST 2002




This newsletter was almost ready to put to bed in the middle of May when a malicious virus invaded my computer affecting the disk with all the data from the last 7 years including the work in progress for this Newsletter.† The experts have not been able to access the drive so I had to start again from square one. Fortunately I had backed up the current Fontainebleau Financial files and directories before the data went AWOL.


The new Headpost will not have escaped the readerís notice. Your Association is now Fontainebleau Veterans Association to reflect the inclusion of a number of soldiers and sailors in the membership. We welcome our colleagues in khaki and navy blue ~ after all we were all fighting for the same cause. More soldiers have come forward during the last 4 months.


Regretfully the coach trip to Fontainebleau in the autumn was cancelled due to lack of support. We were not even close to the minimum number required to make the tour viable. Before you fill your 2003 diaries please note that a provisional booking has been made for a trip between September 12 and 17 with accommodation reserved at the IBIS Hotel in Fontainebleau.




Les Hills sent me details of the Military and Veterans Festival held in Weymouth each summer. The event organised by the Weymouth Council attracted a large crowd. There was a massive turn out for this Parade with veterans from all services taking part. How about the Fontainebleau Veterans living in the South of England taking part next year?† Details of next yearís Festival will be obtained from Weymouth Council. Thanks Les for passing on this information ~ anyone interested in making up a party please contact the Editor.† Les and Pauline have a 30 minute video of this yearís Parade which will be available for viewing at Leamington Spa.



The following are welcomed into membership.† As an innovation, an item of news from the month each member arrived at Fontainebleau is given in brackets at the foot of each entry.


SAC Ron Upton was posted to the International Motor Pool in May 1961. In Nov 1963 he packed his new VW Beetle with his household possessions for an eventful and long journey home to Northolt via Dunkerque because the ferries from Calais were on strike. His next posting after Fontainebleau was RAF Lyneham where Ron was ďaskedĒ if he would like to be the C.O.ís driver. Ron switched to aircraft handling duties before leaving the RAF in Sept 1967. Adjusting to life in Civvy Street was not easy but landing a job with the Post Office Engineering branch helped. After 16 years driving London Transport buses followed by a couple of years as a LT mechanic Ron took early retirement in 1994 and settled in Glastonbury with his wife Carole.


Text Box: George Blake receives a record 42 years jail sentence for spying



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