LETTER FROM THE EDITOR                                                            31 October 1997


Thank you all for your contributions.  The response to my requests for photos and other material has been overwhelming, and I have included most of the pictures I have been sent.  I am impressed that so many of you were able to lay your hands on material you have kept for over 40 years most of which is in good condition.


We now have 35 pages comprising over 150 photos from the mid 50s covering a wide range of scenes on the base, in the town, in Paris and even on leave in Germany.  There a also a couple on the cross Channel ferry. In this latest selection you will see a couple duplicated.  After some pages had "gone to bed" these photos turned up from another source with all the names neatly written on the back at the time they were taken, so I felt it worth repeating them.


This time round I am including copies of programs etc and a "Golden Oldies" section of modern photos.  Will those who have not given me a recent photo please send one for the next pages.  I have not been able to include George Potts as I am waiting for another to go with it to make up a page.


If anyone comes across more photos or memorabilia that will copy I shall be happy to include it in future pages which will be circulated.


I  am waiting to hear from Sgt  John Higgs with  his pictures plus news of Cpl. Dick Rogers and

Flt Sgt Davy Allen with whom he is an touch.  Hopefully they will be add value.


Finally may I remind you that Ted Caton's book of his National Service will be out soon and available in all the good bookshops.   It is essential bedtime reading (guaranteed to send you to sleep!!!!!)  You may even find yourself mentioned in its gripping pages.


Enjoy browsing through the enclosed - I hope they bring back happy memories.